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Vendor Information

Hello Vendors! Our Christmas Craft Fair is only a  month away! I always get excited for this one. Shoppers come in holly jolly and extra generous! So, get busy making lots of quality products! People have some Christmas gifts to buy!



  1. The appearance of your vendor space is your responsibility. We have a few tips we want to suggest to help make it the best it can be. You are welcome to bring free standing display walls. It not only separates your space from your neighbors space, but it also adds to the coziness of your area. Cozy and inviting = more sales. You MAY NOT hang anything on our walls. (85 year old plaster walls are fragile.) You need to fill your booth. Empty spaces get overlooked. We want you to do well. So think about presentation. A great place to look is on Pinterest for "Christmas Craft Booth Ideas". 

  2. You need to bring your own tables. Tablecloths make your tables look much better. Don't forget them. If you would like to rent a tablecloth from us, we charge a $10 ironing and cleaning fee. Just let me know. I have black, white, royal blue, and gold cloths. We will provide chairs for you.

  3. You are responsible for your own sales. You collect your own money. We do not record your sales, nor do we take a percentage. We highly recommend that you consider taking Credit Cards. is a very fast and easy way to do this. Your total sales will increase if you have a card reader. Other card options include PayPal, CashApp, Venmo. 

  4. Focus on CHRISTMAS decor and gifts! Unique quality gifts from local vendors is a selling point!  This really is an excellent opportunity for you to get your products in the hands of customers. 

  5. Make sure your items are smoke free. Any item with a displeasing odor will need to be removed from the show. No nudity or vulgar messages please. Keep it family friendly. If in doubt, shoot me a picture of the item in question and we will make a decision together. 

  6. Remy's Chop Shop was a huge hit at our Fall show! She had to leave early because she sold out of everything. She has promised to bring even more deliciousness. So come hungry and plan to show Remy's some love.  

  7. Indoor Vendor Set up will take place Friday, November 24th from 5-8pm. 

  8. Each booth will donate ONE item to our grand prize basket. Please bring your item during set up. Put your contact information on your item so that whoever wins will be able to reach you if they want to purchase more from you. 

  9. Each vendor will be given a sheet of stickers. Customers will receive a sticker when they make a purchase with you. This will be their ticket for the drawing which will take place at the end of the day. 

  10. The show opens at 10am. We need ALL vendors in place ready to take money at 9:45am. Guests always arrive early! The show ends at 4pm. NO EARLY TEAR DOWNS! This was not an issue at all last time. You know why? Because we were BUSY the entire day! We do not want last minute customers to feel rushed to leave. 

  11. Let's make this show great just like the ones we've done before! We do that through advertising and getting people excited about walking through our doors. So send in your booth product photos to 918-803-3987 ASAP and be watching for ads on FB starting within the next week. Share with all your friends so we can bring in a crowd.

  12. Questions: Call or text Greeta.  

 (918) 803-3987


Please text your photos to


Include your name and booth/business name please. If you want featured in our advertising, you must send me photos!

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