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There's a mission behind Open Door Venue

"Please pray for us that God would open the door for the message, that we may share the mystery of Christ."

Colossians 4:3

Why all the doors?

Besides the fact that the doors just look cool and we had a ton of fun creating this unique gathering place, we genuinely love the reminder to continually pray that God would "open doors" and make us ever mindful of the opportunities granted to us each day to love others well. 

Why do we give

coffee and food away?

That's right. We give our coffee and food away and actually want you to keep coming back.  We love the idea of building community and inviting our friends from all walks of life to partake.  That's why we give it away for any donation, even if it's just your gratitude.  Unless our facility is rented for a private event, we have a free coffee bar, open during our open door hours, every Monday from 9am-3pm. So stop by on your lunch hour and say hello. 

Why the are the doors in the front?

We have a vision to build a courtyard with tables for you to enjoy anytime. Bring a picnic breakfast, lunch or dinner. This space is open to the public unless we have our private event sign on the sidewalk.  We want you to enjoy the ambiance and feel free to take pictures and share them on social media.  I mean, eating under a chandelier outside is an experience you'll want to share.  

Why Webster Grand?

The  largest room in our venue is named Webster Grand after a very generous woman in Pryor, Cathy Webster. For years, Cathy has given public access to her beautiful yard to be utilized and enjoyed as a community garden which everyone lovingly refers to as "The Websters."  The gift of her generosity hangs in countless homes as a treasured backdrop for family photos, prom pictures, graduation celebrations, birthdays, engagements and just becauses.  Cathy is a dedicated servant in our hometown, working hard with PAEF and other organizations to be a blessing. We recognize the spirit of community hospitality that flows from Cathy's life and we wanted to honor that by naming our  largest gathering space Webster Grand. 

Why Lawson Hall?

Have you ever met someone who is a natural encourager? Who gathers people in close like treasures?  Someone who craves to lift others and lights up the room with her laugh? If you've met Mary Lawson then you have met this someone. Mary is a welcoming soul in our community who loves to bring people together. She ran her own downtown business in Pryor for years. But in her retirement has worked for some other local merchants, whom she calls friends. She is known for her sincere kindness, handmade greeting cards, and her faithful work with the Optimist Club. Naming our dining hall after this particular person only makes sense because when you leave her presence your heart always feels full.

Meet the Owners

The Nicholas Family has collectively brought their experience in business, people, and fun to their new adventure at Open Door Venue. Jerrad is the fix it guy.  Missy is a therapist with a heart for people. And Marie brings the party to life. It is these genuine, hard working, Jesus loving people who are bringing the vision of the Open Door to you.  

Meet the Manager

Greeta Russell is a lifelong Pryorite who loves people and meaningful events. As a former photographer she knows the value of a quality and unique venue.  She is creative, fun, and easy to work with.  She will be delighted to meet you, show you around, and answer any questions.  Just don't be alarmed if she's wearing her pj's, she's living her best life!

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